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When you buy a custom-tailored men’s suit from Alex Goodman, you are investing in quality attire that will fit you properly, and ensure you look good wear after wear. Our expert tailors understand proportions and know how to tailor menswear correctly, whether you require a slim fit, or a cut to enhance a more muscular shape. In one of our suits, you will look good, feel comfortable, and get noticed for all the right reasons – no matter your individual body type and style preferences.

Elements of a correctly fitted suit

  • A perfect fit is the most important element of a custom-made suit:

  • The sleeves of your suit jacket should fall to where the base of your thumb connects with your wrist.

  • Your knuckles should sit even with the bottom hem.

  • The top button on your jacket shouldn’t fall below your navel.

  • Your vest should sit snugly, but without strain.

  • The cuffs of your trousers should rest on top of your shoes at the right length.

  • When you are in your natural stance, upright and relaxed, your suit should drape smoothly, and flow comfortably with your movements.

Our process

At Alex Goodman, we do not use pre-existing patterns. To ensure your custom-made suit fits you correctly, a digital pattern is prepared based on your measurements, and your desired style of suit. Our master tailors precision-cut your choice of fabric, and assemble your garment by hand, depending on the custom options you have chosen. The result is a primarily handmade men’s suit that fits you perfectly.


A custom-tailored suit is just that – custom. This means you have a choice of options when it comes to the cut, the shape of the lapels, the style of the pockets, the number of buttons, the fabric and decorative details such as contrast stitching. We also offer custom-tailored shirts, overcoats and separate trousers, to complete your wardrobe.

Don’t settle for buying an off-the-rack suit. By purchasing an Alex Goodman custom-tailored suit, you can be confident you are investing in clothing that is tailored with care and the necessary experience to ensure a precise fit.


Our tailors are masters at what they do,have vast tailoring experience and are committed to making mens clothing that fit well and looks good. Our tailors are dedicated to blending functionality with classic high quality styling. Attention to detail is a priority and you custom made great is stitched with great care.

Customisation options

At Alex Goodman, our personal service and attention to detail includes a customisation process that allows you to select exactly how your finished garments will look. From the number of buttons, to the appearance of the lapels, the shape of the pockets, and the addition of vents and pleats if desired, our tailors will construct your garment the way you want it.

Whether you have ordered a suit, a jacket, a shirt or trousers, customisation is included in the price. Be the designer of your own wardrobe and personalise your order detail by detail, from the colour of the fabric and the lining, to decorative details such as contrast stitching, or even a monogram. Make your suit or jacket truly unique with a special message monogrammed on the inside – especially fun for a wedding suit!

Quality Japanese Bemberg linings are also available when you order a premium custom-made suit. Made from natural cotton, these linings are breathable, allowing perspiration to be drawn away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Personalising your custom-tailored men’s wear is a way to express your individual style, and we are passionate about helping you achieve the look you want.