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A tailored business shirt can offer you superior comfort along with a perfect fit. Affordable, stylish and made to your exact measurements, our shirts are designed to look great and last the distance.

A poorly fitted business shirt can be irritating and uncomfortable – not to mention unflattering. By opting for one of our tailor-made shirts, you can ensure that your shirt will be made to fit you exactly, no matter your body shape. Not only will you feel great, but you can also get the exact look you want along with your choice of fabric and style.

By personalising your business shirts you can express your individual style while ensuring the end result is flattering and comfortable to wear all day. At Alex Goodman, we allow you to personally select every element of your finished shirt so you will know exactly how it will look. Our custom-made shirts are very affordable and offer excellent value for money, as they are designed to last with reinforced seams and high quality workmanship.

Unlike many others, we don’t use pre-existing patterns. Our tailors will create a digital pattern for you based on your specific measurements, and the style that you have in mind. The result is a comfortable, durable shirt, which epitomises quality and flatters your shape.

Don’t put up with uncomfortable, poorly fitted shirts any longer. Get the look and feel you deserve with our handcrafted, custom-made shirts.